stup - Daily notes in the terminal

Introducing a shell tool for saving, organizing and searching daily notes from the command line
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Over the past few years I have been participating in Stand-up meetings and it took me some time to find a convenient and effective way for keeping notes about what I was doing every day.

I needed to be able to:

  • keep notes on the issues I worked on, the meetings I participated in and stuff that blocked my work
  • easily access these notes based on their date
  • have an overview of what I did for example the last week
  • all of the above from inside a terminal without
    • having to manually structure and update a single document
    • having to manually create a document for each day


I created stup (the name derives from stand-up), an opensource CLI tool that deals with these issues and allows to easily save, access and organize my notes.

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The source code of the project is available on GitHub here.

Usage examples

Find below some examples showing the most important usage of stup.

Adding notes

# Adding a note to the default category at current date
stup add -n "Worked on issue #ABC123"

# Adding a note to the default category setting the current date explicitly
stup add today -n "Worked on issue #ABC123"

# Adding a note to the meetings category
stup add today -c "meetings" -n "2 hours with @phoebe for the project kick off"

# Adding a note to the blocking category for April 10th, 2020
stup add @ 2020-04-10 -c "blocking" -n "connectivity issues"

Showing notes

# Showing yesterday's notes
$ stup

# Showing yesterday's notes explicitly setting the date
$ stup yesterday

# Showing today's notes
$ stup today

# Showing notes on a specific date
$ stup show @ 2020-04-18

# Showing notes on a specific date for the meetings category
$ stup show @ 2020-04-18 -c "meetings"

Retrieving all notes for a period of time

# List current week's notes
stup log week

# List previous week's notes
stup log previous-week

# List notes between January 20th, 2020 and March 2nd, 2020
stup log --from 2020-01-20 --to 2020-03-02

# List meeting notes between January 20th, 2020 and March 2nd, 2020
stup log --from 2020-01-20 --to 2020-03-02 -c "meetings"

Behind the scenes

Notes are organized in categories.

When a new note is added, stup creates a markdown file and places it under the category’s directory in a sub-directory with a path based on the date.


# For example, the notes of a category named "programming" April 18th, 2020 are saved under

This allows users to retrieve any notes added on a specific date or in a specific period for a specific or for all categories.

# Fetch notes for all categories
$ stup show @ 2020-04-18

# Fetch notes for a specific category for previous week
$ stup log previous-week -c programming

# Fetch notes for all categories for a specific period
$ stup log --from 2020-04-01 --to 2020-04-15

More information

You can:

  • visit the project repository on Github here.
  • view the full documentation of stup here.
  • browse the project’s issues here.

That’s all, thanks for reading! Cat photo.

Phoebe, my cat, keeping notes without stup