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Αυτή η σελίδα είναι διαθέσιμη και στα ελληνικά.
I just released stup, a tool for easily keeping organized daily notes in the terminal. You can find it on GitHub here.
stup - Daily notes in the terminal
Introducing a shell tool for saving, organizing and searching daily notes from the command line

Find palindrome dates in the Linux command line - explained
Explaining how to find palindrome dates using a shell command in Linux

A poem for vim

Descriptive variable names
Help help help

Pizza commit
When the pizza arrives while you are committing the code

What do you get after you lose your data from an SSD?

I am talking to my code
Are you talking to me?

A poem for var i

Mongoid - Inheritance: change embedded document's type via nested attributes
How to change the type of an embedded document via nested attributes.

How to write better emails
Tips for writing effective emails avoiding misunderstandings with examples from the software development world.

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