Google Analytics active users counter in browser tab title
This script will show the active users count on the tab's title and in a notification when...
Creating a simple GTK+ ToDo application with Ruby
In this tutorial we are going to create a simple GTK+ ToDo application with Ruby...
Using elasticsearch in a Rails application
In this tutorial we will use elasticsearch in a Ruby...
I wanted to update this blog's favic...
A programmer and a CPU walk into a bar...
DuckRails v2.0.0 docker image
DuckRails can now be used via its own docker image.
Mom dad I want to be a computer programmer
My first attempt to create a comic...
Cat HTTP status codes
My cats in http status codes.
DuckRails - Open source development tool for mocking API endpoints
A guide for an opensource tool I've created: DuckRails.
Rails sample API & UI application consuming it
I recently created a simple Rails 4 API named LofoCats and a simple UI application consuming it named LofoCats UI (yes, I like cats, what else is new?)...

My news

I created an open source development tool named DuckRails for mocking API endpoints quickly and dynamically.

Version 2.1.2 is out and it is now possible to run the application via its docker image.


Ruby does Gtk
I published a tutorial for creating a simple Linux Desktop app with Ruby.