Hi, I am Lazarus Lazaridis and this is my personal blog with posts mostly related to programming. And cats.
I just released stup, a tool for easily keeping organized daily notes in the terminal. You can find it on GitHub here.
stup - Daily notes in the terminal
Introducing a shell tool for saving, organizing and searching daily notes from the command line

Find palindrome dates in the Linux command line - explained
Explaining how to find palindrome dates using a shell command in Linux

Goodbye Irida
A goodbye to my beloved cat

A poem for vim

Descriptive variable names
Help help help

Movie night
Watching horror movies with a cat in the house

Pizza commit
When the pizza arrives while you are committing the code

What do you get after you lose your data from an SSD?

I am talking to my code
Are you talking to me?

A poem for var i

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