Painting of a meadow following Bob Ross' season 5 Episode 13.
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I have always liked painting but I had never devoted any time to this hobby. I was painting once every 2 or more years but with dissappointing results. Few days ago I tried to create a painting of my cat and I enjoyed both the process and the result.

I decided to pursue this hobby and yesterday, I followed an episode of Bob Ross’ show “The joy of painting” (most if not all episodes are available on Youtube). I surprised myself with the outcome even though it’s not perfect, it’s not professional and it’s very different compared to the one that Bob Ross created in the episode.

Meadow - Painting

I really enjoyed painting this meadow. I was listening to some of my favorite music and I felt so focused and relaxed leaving every other thought on the side for about 5 hours (I didn’t realize the time passing by so fast).


  • I followed the “Meadow Stream” episode which is the episode 13 from season 5
  • I used water colors (tempera) instead of oil colors (that are used in the episode)
  • I skipped the stream because I wasn’t brave enough, I felt that I would destroy the painting
  • The clouds are happy little accidents, I don’t have an answer if you ask me to tell you how I created them. They were not supposed to look like this but they turned out OK
  • I need to buy some equipment (angled palette knife and some paintbrushes) because the ones I had, couldn’t produce the same results as shown in the episode
  • If I was asked to paint a meadow, I would draw nothing looking like this. Having a guide, especially if you are a newbie like me is great and really helpful. I believe that practicing this way is essential before diving to custom creations (at least for me).


Bob Ross - Meadow Stream (Season 5 Episode 13)