Drawing my cat

My attempt to draw my cat that looks nothing like this.
Αυτό το άρθρο είναι διαθέσιμο και στα ελληνικά.
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On Saturday I felt like drawing and (no surprises here) I decided to create a painting of my cat.

Without further ado, this is the result.

Picatso painting

At the top center and right section of the photo you may notice the paws of my cat which was present during the whole process and which actually is responsible for some of the inconsistencies of the painting (blaming the cat). Imagine a cat having a moving paint brush in front of her and not touching it (never happens).

I would have taken photos showing the progress of the painting but everything was a mess. There was paint everywhere: on my hands, on my clothes, on the cat, on the table I put the canvas on and on the floor too. Everything I touched was turning to blue, brown or white.

I used a painting set that was given to me as a present which had many stuff inside. At some point I mixed acrylic with watercolor paints because they looked the same and I realized it only after bubbles started showing up. The victim was the sky in the window. I tried to remove the pimples but still the new paint didn’t apply well afterwards. I’m very curious to see if the sky will look like this as the days pass by.

Given the outcome, it’s pretty obvious that I am a newbie and I’m missing a lot of basics. I have no technique. I paint rarely but this time I really enjoyed it and even though this looks nothing like Irida (my cat), at least it does look like a cat and I find it “presentable” as opposed to my previous painting attempts. That is a personal success.

I decided to devote some time to learn at least the basics, view some tutorials and of course to practice on plain objects before moving to more complex scenes.

Post Scriptum

You are allowed to laugh with the fact that I used the art tag in this post.

This is Irida on the table of art on a previous attempt.


Interesting painting resources

A really good video showing how to draw a cat (I watched the video today, level of personal disappointment: 100%).
Another beautiful video showing how to easily create a painting with a very nice landscape with relatively simple steps.