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DuckRails now has its own docker image.


You can now use:

docker pull iridakos/duckrails

to download the image and then you can start the application with:

docker run -p <port>:80 iridakos/duckrails

(replace <port> with the port you want to access the application locally).

Test that everything works as expected by navigating to http://localhost:<port>

You should be seeing the DuckRails home page!

DuckRails home page

For a detailed guide, check the repository’s wiki page.


This was my first attempt to create a docker image so if you have any notes/improvements, you are more than welcomed to contribute. The Dockerfile is located at the root folder of the DuckRails repo.

My news

I created an open source development tool named DuckRails for mocking API endpoints quickly and dynamically.

Version 2.1.2 is out and it is now possible to run the application via its docker image.


Ruby does Gtk
I published a tutorial for creating a simple Linux Desktop app with Ruby.