DuckRails now has its own docker image and so you can run the application without having to setup anything related to databases, secret keys etc. https://hub.docker.com/r/iridakos/duckrails/


You can now use:

docker pull iridakos/duckrails

to download the image and then you can start the application with:

docker run -p <port>:80 iridakos/duckrails

(replace <port> with the port you want to access the application locally).

Test that everything works as expected by navigating to http://localhost:<port>

You should be seeing the DuckRails home page!

DuckRails home page

For a detailed guide, check the repository’s wiki page.


This was my first attempt to create a docker image so if you have any notes/improvements, you are more than welcomed to contribute. The Dockerfile is located at the root folder of the DuckRails repo.

published by Lazarus Lazaridis on Nov 9, 2017 in category news.